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Latest Recorded Finds

 Date of Find   Home State of Visitor   Color   Weight 
3/31/2015 Missouri White 0ct. 30pt.
3/31/2015 Indiana White 0ct. 15pt.
3/31/2015 Colorado White 0ct. 9pt.
3/31/2015 Arkansas White 0ct. 17pt.
3/30/2015 Arkansas White 0ct. 35pt.
3/30/2015 Missouri White 0ct. 35pt.
3/28/2015 Arkansas White 0ct. 30pt.
3/28/2015 Arkansas White 0ct. 6pt.
3/26/2015 Illinois White 0ct. 4pt.
3/25/2015 Colorado White 0ct. 4pt.
3/25/2015 Illinois Yellow 0ct. 98pt.
3/25/2015 Arkansas White 0ct. 10pt.
3/24/2015 Arkansas White 0ct. 16pt.
3/22/2015 Illinois Brown 0ct. 44pt.
3/20/2015 Colorado White 0ct. 4pt.
3/19/2015 Florida White 0ct. 7pt.
3/19/2015 Arkansas White 0ct. 12pt.
3/18/2015 Florida White 0ct. 3pt.
3/17/2015 Texas White 0ct. 34pt.
3/17/2015 Virginia White 0ct. 13pt.
3/17/2015 Arkansas Yellow 0ct. 7pt.
3/17/2015 Arkansas Yellow 0ct. 7pt.
3/16/2015 Colorado Brown 0ct. 18pt.
3/14/2015 Arkansas White 0ct. 24pt.
3/13/2015 Texas Yellow 0ct. 16pt.
3/11/2015 Texas White 0ct. 11pt.
3/11/2015 Arkansas White 0ct. 43pt.
3/10/2015 Illinois White 0ct. 5pt.
3/10/2015 Arkansas White 0ct. 3pt.
3/10/2015 Arkansas White 0ct. 2pt.
Crater of Diamonds State Park
Crater of Diamonds State Park
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